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About Us

Hey there! I'm Bre, the creator and mastermind behind The Shared Table!

I live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky mountains, but was fortunate to grow up on the East Coast, where kitchen parties and thick salty ocean air defined much of my early years. You may be asking yourself how the heck a small town girl like me, ended up on the other side of the county? Enter: My story!

During the spring of 2006, I realized I needed a change. I was a full time university student, who typically worked during the summer months at an overnight camp. For some reason, I now recognize as Divine intervention, I had come to dread the annual routine. On a whim, I applied for a job at another summer camp, but this time it was in southern Alberta. Despite being hired as a canoe instructor, I ended up in the camp kitchen as the assistant cook, which brought me to a beautiful cross road in life and taught me two valuable life lessons.

First, food is a universal language. It lends itself to an overheated staff member, in desperate need of a cool down from teaching outside, while happily rummaging through last nights dessert in the walk-in fridge. Or an exhausted cabin counselor who deservingly pours themselves a giant cup of coffee, thoroughly enjoying a quiet moment before breakfast, waiting for their next burst of energy. And I cannot forget the office staff, who many times were up until the wee hours of the night, planning for a memorable week, ensuring each child would leave with an invaluable experience. Food quickly became less of a timely routine, and more of a lifeline. Through it all, I was honored to help revive their energetic warmth, bringing joy and light to those around them.

Secondly, food can serendipitously align the paths of two people, who happen to strike up a conversation through the kitchen pass, which led to a memorable first date, followed by a long distance relationship, blossoming into a beautiful romance and now marriage (that's my story in a nutshell!). Today, when I'm not shuttling our four kids to different activities, or spending time with my love, you'll find me back where it all started: in the kitchen!

In my own cooking journey, I had always wanted the classic Le Creuset cast iron pots, the fancy Japanese knives and even the nicely organized recipe binders. Unfortunately, two of the three, namely the pot and knives, were never in the  budget as a single income family of six. I felt like there had to be an equally functional and well made alternative to both that wouldn't break the bank... but I came up empty handed. I decided then, if there wasn't another accessible option, surely I wasn't the only one, so I'd design my own!

While creating recipes for my family to enjoy, I made a note of the pros and cons from each pot, pan and dish I used. From there, I began to draft ideas of what my ideal cookware would entail, which in turn led to me curate my own line of kitchen necessities. After an exhaustive search for manufactures who were willing to meet my standards of quality, craftsmanship and toxic free elements, the cumulative result is what I believe to be a fully functional and beautiful line of kitchen accessories (because who doesn't want to cook in a gradient teal cast iron pot?!) 

At The Shared Table, we believe the table where you eat, is also the table where you connect. Where a home-cooked meal can bring people together, creating lasting memories and beautiful legacies, through cherished generational recipes. Whether at a family function, an informal gathering or an evening spent with the kids, we hope The Shared Table's collection of products can be part of serving the food you love. It is my hope and desire that our products will enhance your culinary creations and entice your taste buds, while simultaneously making new memories, bridging the old with the new.

Whatever your table looks like, we are honored to be a part of it, and I want to personally thank you for your support. May you leave the table with full hearts, meaningful memories and satisfied appetites.

Wishing you love and best dishes,